One month after Opus's passing, I was at the petstore and came home with this little girl.
She had been there for 3 months while all the other cuter, bigger, fluffier, whatever...kitties were getting adopted.

Allie (she came with the name "Alley Anna Corina" -- yeeeek) is a 4 year old DSH "dilute" calico. She's spayed, microchipped and has all her shots. Apparently she came in to the shelter very skinny and has been spoiled and fattened over the past few months. The Purrfect Pals volunteer, Sprinna, said, "she doesn't know how to sell herself". She also said that Allie was very timid and didn't warm up to people. So there she sat for 3 months. When I came up to her cage she stepped right up to me and started rubbing her cheeks on my hand. She allowed some face rubbing and petting, which really suprised the volunteer. Sprinna said that Allie never bonded with anyone like that.
I didn't intend to take home a kitty that day, I just wanted to look at the kitties on my way over to the fish section. I walked away to the fish aisles and picked up some PH increaser (new tank was dangerously acidic), and then headed back to the kitties. I was so touched by Allie's sweetness and how much she seemed to want lovies from me. I also felt sorry for her. It must have been a really really long 3 months in that cage. That would be enough to break anyone's spirit. She just needed someone to love her and spoil her and rescue her from the cat jail. So that's what happened. I've had her one night and she's been an angel. She has her claws but doesnt' scratch anything. She barely makes a meow and she comes whenever she's called. She doesn't seem to have any behavioral issues either. She sat on my lap for a few hours last night and really loves to be held and petted.

Looks like Allie and I will both be good therapy for each other.

Here's the description from her Purrfect Pals page.

"Description: This petite beauty was surrendered because her owner no longer was able to have her in her home. She doesn't mind other cats and has been around children and would love to stay indoors. She can be a bit shy until she gets to know you but is very affectionate and cuddly. She might do best in a quiet home. She doesn't like to be picked up. She loves cat nip. Like all Purrfect Pals cats she is spayed, viral tested, microchipped and started on all vaccines except rabies. Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots "

Here's her picture from the shelter Feb. 07

That's quite a "before" picture.


Taken this morning, her first morning at the house:

I could barely get her to sit still because she kept going back and forth rubbing against my legs


What an expression

Better. But blurry.


Licking the tosies. See my new fish tank in the background? :) I sit on that chair and watch the fish.


She wasn't mad, so this had to have just been a frozen expression caught while she was adjusting herself.


Happy kitty in her new home.


Why is this lady taking pictures of me!


Her hair is quite short but extremely silky soft. Her belly is thick and tight (which is a drastic contrast from Opus's emaciated stomach).
She has one white foot with a black spot - the rest are tan.