The Official Commemorative Slick Willy Sax Gear Selection

"After 12 years of abstinence during the Reagan-Bush era, but now inspired by the new administration, I am planning to go to my local music store, buy a few reeds and cork grease, and resume saxual activity. I'm frightened by the possibilities, but I know it's the right thing to do" -- Walt Brasch
"There's nothing I like better than getting up in the morning and having a good blow."


El Presidente
—nothing tastes better than a wet Cuban
The Commander—for the take-charge player
Great Licks—One of our greatest national secrets
Late Night Smacker
—warning: slippery when wet
Executive Tickler—A delight for all your senses
Presidential Pardon—For the times when you just don't care how you perform
Dick Morris—Plays on both sides and has more power than God

"I like to keep a few of these handy right under my desk. Wanna see?"


Key Pads
The Presidential Seal
—You won't have any messy slipping with these specially formulated pads. They're absorbant up to 17 layers and don't make any noise when they become wet.
"We've seen it in action!"

Valued Customers:
No more nasty spit stains -- Monica
You won't know how you ever lived without him..umm...it. -- Gennifer
I was excited when he presented it to me -- Paula



"What you want here is a tight fit"


The Oval Orifice
—You'll want to bear down on this one
Command Performance—Whether 2 terms, or 2 minutes, this one won't let you down.
The Long Drag—The presidential favorite

"I think you will find that these ligatures have a nice tight fit. I've even tested them out on my employees.....I'd say, 'go ahead, yank on it'....but that sucker never slipped."




"When I really want to surprize them I go strapless. You should see their faces when I spring it on them."

Neck Straps
The Strap-on
—One of Hillary's favorites
Lickety Split
—This non-partisan strap is suitable for every angle
Comic Strap
—Genuine French tickler
The Lariat—You might get hog-tied with this extra long one.




Cork Grease
Little Rock Lube
Home made, from natural materials
Washington WaxYou'll want to keep some of this stashed in the closet
Gore GlideThis one's a winner, wait no..yea..no.
Impeach JellyTo smooth things out when you get in a jam



Slick's Willy's Sax Gear
100 Slippery Licks Ave.
Harlem, NY

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