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November, 1999: Snowshoe Scott and Bill Stevens
perform at Ticasuk Elementary in Fairbanks

"In November Athabascan Fiddler Bill Stevens and accordianist Snowshoe Scott came to our class to help us get ready for the Athabascan Fiddle Festival. The live music proved very exciting and irresistable! Everybody had a great time jigging, bouncing, waltzing, and spinning around to the lively music. Later, we attended the annual Athabascan Fiddle Festival in downtown Fairbanks and had a great time dancing with hundreds of other students from the Fairbanks area."
from Ticasuk Elementary website




1996: Photo by Smithsonian Institution
"...Repeated visits, stories, and inclusion in celebrations and healing ceremonies are needed to open the soul to a real view of the Athapaskan world. It is through participation that the significance of a "give-away" ceremony is appreciated. Like other native peoples in the Northwest, exchange brings into connection the modern, natural world and the mythic world of the ancestors."
from Smithsonian Institute webpage on "Athapaskans"