John Bates Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
(and Phoebe Hearst Elementary)


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John Bates Elementary School
4821 S. 72nd E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74145

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After Bates closed, the building became home to Platt College, a trade school. In the 1990's, Central Assembly of God church purchased the building, which it now leases to Regent Preparatory School.


School Song
By Barbara Jackson, music teacher

B-A-T-E-S our school.....

John Bates, John Bates
School we love so dear,
You're the pride of our hearts,
John Bates.

We will always
Keep your standards high,
As the days and the years
Go by.

Let us all give a cheer
As we sing your praise,
And forever, and ever,
Your banner raise.

John Bates, John Bates,
Blessings now to thee
As we pledge
Love and loyalty.

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