John Bates Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
(and Phoebe Hearst Elementary)


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Bates Chicks softball team

Scout meetings after school in the gym.

There was something that was done between 1st and third grade, but I don't remember which grade. For each month, there was a bulletin board that would get decorated and the kids with birthdays in that month would be profiled. The parent(s) would write a note about the kid and then the teacher and the kid would post something about himself. The principal would visit the class and the kid would get his picture taken with the principal and the polaroid would be posted on the board as well. I'll never forget how special I felt when it was my turn to be on the board.

Tooth tablet day...we'd have to chew those pink tablets in order to reveal our tartar in front of the teacher and everyone else! Ewwwwwww.

School picture day...we'd be given a comb and get to get out of class to have our pictures taken. Somes, as in my case, we'd get retakes and have to do it again. We got to keep the combs to take home. When the pictures would arrive, everyone would swap!

School assemblies in the gymnasium. We'd have to sit cross-legged on the floor for all the classes to fit.

Field trips to the Municipal Theatre (now Brady Theatre) downtown to watch the Philharmonic's kiddy concerts.

Girls and boys being segregated to watch a film about our bodies and puberty changes. This was done a few times.

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