John Bates Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
(and Phoebe Hearst Elementary)


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SOME CLASSMATES: (1969-1976)


Carolyn Barret
Kelly Berrier
Jan and Jill Carpenter
Kim Copenhaver
Kelly Crabtree
Shawn Cummins
Julie Cypher
Michelle Davis
April Dunn
Melissa Fisk/England
Jennifer Eddings
Tami Elkins
Paula Everett
Candy Ford
Vernon Foreman
Jeff Fronterhouse
Jackie Furr
Kelly Fuqua
Peter Guise
Scott Getter
Felicia Griffin
Alan Haley
Jodi Hall

  Mary Harmon
Mary Hedrick
Regan Hensley
Kris Hill
Geoff Justice
Michelle Kaleda
Kim Kovach
Kim Kuenert
Tony Jabbour
James Jackson
Jamie Johnson
Jack Jones
Christie Lawrence
Mickey Lechwar
Amy Lee
Shannon Lee
Erica Lehman
Michelle Machado
Andrea MacMullin
Randy Mastrione
Shawn Nichols
Susie Orton
April Penquite


Jennifer Pound
Bobby Riley
Scott Riley
Laura Robinson
Ryan Robertson
Danny Shepherd
Ken Smith
Rachel Smith
Bonnie Spence
Diane Stanfield
Susan T.
Jerry Telford
Sarah Underwood
Gene Uri
Brenda Wallace
Shannon Werz
Lori Welch
Jacklin Williams
Rene Williams

Patricia__(brunette female)
Andy __ (very blonde male)
male (see 3rd grade pic)

Sorry in advance if I've left you off or mis-spelled your name. I'm just going by my memory.

Did you go to Bates? Do you have a memory to share? Do you have a correction or addition?
. .