John Bates Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
(and Phoebe Hearst Elementary)

Class Pictures (grades 3-6; 1972-1976):
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Back: Kelly Crabtree, Regan Hensley, Rene Williams, Shawn Cummins, Laura Robinson, Ricky Hall, Kelly Berrier, __, Mary Harmon
Middle: Mr. Eddings-principal, Jack Jones, Andrea MacMullin, Jenny Henson, Rachel Smith, Brad Springer, Kim Copenhaver, Jud Shepherd, Lynn Steelow, April Dunn, Mrs. Buzzard
Front: Shawn Nichols, Scott Riley, Patricia__, Candy Ford, Susie Orton, Mark Gallimore, Chris Luna
Seated: Ryan Robertson* and James Jackson
* During a 3rd grade crush, I cut Ryan's picture out and put it in my locket. I put it back though because he was into Kelly Crabtree

Back: Shawn Nichols, Jennifer Eddings, Andrea Adams, ___, Jennifer Pound, Susie Orton, Lori Welch, Stephanie Larrimore, April Penquite, Rene Williams, Kelly Crabtree
Middle: Tami Elkins, Julie Cypher, John Hockett, Felicia Griffin, Brad Springer, Kim Copenhaver, Jill Carpenter, Jan Carpenter, Julie Edge, Teacher
Front: Laura Robinson, Kim Kuenert, Diana Stanfield, Mary Harmon, Jodi Hall, Andrea MacMullin, Regan Hensley
Seated: Micky Lechwar, Scott Riley, Jimmy Steyer, Shannon Lee

Back: Amy Lee, Bobby Riley, Kim Kovach, Ken Smith, Scott Riley, Stephanie Larrimore, Paula Everett, Bonnie Spence, Shawn Nichols
Middle: Mr. Eddings, Rachel Smith, Regan Hensley, Kim Kuenert, Jamie Johnson, Kris Hill, Andrea MacMullin, Jim Steyer, April Penquite, Mr. Carson
Front: Jan Carpenter, Laura Robinson, Christie Lawrence, Brenda Wallace, Mary Hedrick
Seated: Jud Shepherd, Randy Mastriona, Andy __, ___

Back: Carolyn Barret, Vernon Foreman, Jackie Furr, Regan Hensley, Michelle Kaleda, Jim Steyer
Middle: Mr. Carson, Scott Getter, Rachel Smith, Andrea MacMullin, Felicia Griffin, Tami Elkins, Julie Cypher, Peter Guise, Jerry Telford
Front: Michelle Davis, Michelle Mahcado, Jacklin Williams, Melissa England, Sarah Underwood, Kim Kovach
Seated: Jack Jones, Shawn Nichols, Shannon Lee, Alan Haley

Did you go to Bates? Do you have a memory to share? Do you have a correction or addition?
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