John Bates Elementary School, Tulsa, OK
(and Phoebe Hearst Elementary)

Kim Pitts' Class Pictures:

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Hearst Grade 3 / 1969-1970
Back row:
Next: Mr. Eddings, ......, Mrs. Crowe

Hearst Hotshots
Front row: Marjorie Michaels, Joy McGee, Kathy Thrillkel, Pam(White I think), Cindy Lay, ?, me(Kim Pitts),?
Back row: Pam's dad, Denise Bell, ?, ?, ?, Betsy Palmer, ?, Ann Worthington, Ann's dad

Melanie MacMullin Lawrence's Class Picture:

Hearst Grade 6 / 1972-1973

Did you go to Bates? Do you have a memory to share? Do you have a correction or addition?
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