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Blast from the past photos:


Big Chief writing tablet
"My earliest pencil memories are of the cigar-sized, heavy, soft-leaded variety issued in the early grades. The rounded lead made marks a quarter inch wide on wide-ruled, low rag, gray-brown paper. There were no erasers on these impossibly thick but unbreakable pencils. (How did they expect us to learn to hold a pencil of this sort that could only be clutched in a tiny fist!) The erasers were separate, issued out of a big box and assigned to the upper right corner of our tiny desk. They were of the square crumbly tan variety, and when our bold mistakes were erased, more often than not, it made great conspicuous black graphite smears across the page, accentuating our failures and causing permanent setbacks in penmenship pride. I remember how the erasers smelled. And how the end of the pencil tasted; for some reason, one could not resist chewing the end of the pencil. Some of my friends nibbled the erasers as well, come to think about it. I guess they probably use PDA's in first grade now, and don't get to experience the physical joys of erasure. Pity."
Written by "fred1st" in the Fragments from Floyd weblog

Dixon(r) Laddie Elementary Pencils

LePage's glue

Yarn art: God's Eye made with popsicle sticks


"I'm No Fool...with Electricity." One of
many Disney educational film shorts that
we watched in Mrs. Harris's class.
Two teachers operate a 70s style film projector, not at Bates.

The clothing musts were: bell-bottomed or jumbo bell-bottoms and hip huggers with big belts. Platform shoes. ID bracelets, preferably from a guy, not your Mom. Lip gloss and Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. Puzzle rings and mood rings. Long hair, and sometimes a shag. Black go-go boots. Saddle oxfords (tan with blue, not white with black). Short short mini skirts and dresses. Knee socks! Girl Scout uniforms. The boys wore bowl-cut haircuts or had their hair buzzed off. They were too young to get away with rock-star long hair. I mostly remember the boys wearing jeans, striped shirts, and keds.

To get a really good idea of the style of the early years, watch some of the later episodes of Bewitched. To get an idea of our mid-to late elementary school style watch the Brady Bunch. That show WAS US. :)

Maybelline Kissing potion

Love's Baby Soft


Some of the after school programming promoted in the Weekly Reader were the "ABC After School Special", "Big Blue Marble," and "Mulligan Stew". The more popular shows we watched are currently airing on Nickelodian.

Saturday morning TV included: "The Banana Splits," "H.R. Puffinstuff," "The Monkeys," "Speed Buggy," "Scooby Doo"

Uncle Zeb's cartoon camp "I want to say hi to my Mom, my Dad, my sister, my brother, and everyone I know"
Photo source: Tulsa TV Memories

Land of the Lost

Don Woods, the weatherman draws a Gusty during his weather report. Photo credit: Tulsa TV memories

At Play

The Phantasmagoria at Bells Amusement Park.
Click here to see this phantastic phlashback-invoking animation.
A web page dedication.


GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip

Crissy Doll and her friends

Freakies Cereal with collectible toy characters [Website]

Phrases of the day:

"Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute" -- Woodsy the Owl
"I Found It!" -- Evangelists
"Killroy was here" -- graffiti
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

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